New Oldies – Until by The Premiers

Here’s a vocal group from Austin, Texas. Not much is known about these guys. It was issued on Echo 6013 possibly in 1960. Echo was a “vanity” label, meaning that anyone could pay to have records pressed up from their own tapes. It was operated by Ray Poole out of his Austin Custom Recording Studios. If you find a copy of this record in really good condition, it might sell for around $1000 or so to collectors.

Listen to Until by The Premiers:

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Every time I hear this song by the Premiers it hauntingly reminds me of a much different tune from the 1990’s by a Milwaukee group, The Bodeans, called Still The Night. The similar part is the chant that is sung by the audience. It’s always fun to see these guys perform live! I think I first saw them at Summerfest. If you get a chance to attend Summerfest in Milwaukee, I highly recommend it. Lots of music and fun.

OK, wait, I’ve got one more! You’ll hear that same “Wha-ooh” chant in this song too. Here’s Why Did You Do This by Sheri Drake With The Vernonaires on Hilltop 1877 from 1962:

Got any requests?